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Our History

We were 3 successful businesswomen each running our own business individually. In 2022, our paths crossed in the most amazing way and our friendship blossomed from there. Our thoughts were, why not create one business where people can get what they need for their event with one company? No juggling vendors, no high stress decision making, just an easy process that makes planning an event fun. Boom! Iron Door Events was born. We are extremely excited to share with you our 25 years’ of experience and help your next event come to life.

Meet Us

1 Floral Consultant + 1 Media Consultant + 1 Catering Consultant = A Very Successful Event!

Amy |COO

Amy |COO

Floral Consultant

I’m passionate about your day! I’ve got one day to get it right, there are no do overs so attention to detail is part of my DNA. I bought my first flower shop 23 years ago and have worked tirelessly to bring every bride, every corporate event, every party, every client the freshest, most beautifully arranged flowers. I’ve lived and designed in Arizona, California and Hawaii before coming to Colorado 3 years ago. In 2004 I was voted Best Events Florist in Arizona. I’ve had the privilege of designing for Tom Hanks, Amy Smart, Eugene Levy and Goldie Hawn during my time in California. Then experiencing and designing for destination weddings and events in Hawaii. I am a wife, mom to 3 and 1 Golden Retriever, Willow. I love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking and anything to do with nature. I’m excited to be part of the Iron Door and design your vision in Colorado.

Brandy |CEO

Brandy |CEO

Media Consultant

Hello, everyone. I am Brandy!!

A proud Colorado Native, I received my Bachelor of Science in Marketing at the University of Colorado. I love all the details that make an event truly amazing. Planning an unforgettable event is an art form. I’m bringing you the prettiest of details so you can focus on the bigger picture. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or coordinating a nonprofit fundraiser, I’ll help you create an unforgettable event! A master of high-quality planning with meticulous attention to detail. And, pretty on fleek. Planning future events gives me a rush of excitement and anticipation. I get to make memories and help people celebrate milestones. It’s the ultimate privilege to give back by helping someone create a celebration worth remembering. I have flown all over the world to plan, design, and execute all different types of weddings and events. I pride myself on dedicating time to our clients, homing in on our craft, and giving that personalized attention to each of our designs and our events. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and swimming with my son and trying new experiences and adventures. When I have a moment to myself, it’s nice to read a book and escape a little into wonderland.

Alissa |CFO

Alissa |CFO

Catering Consultant

Hey there, I’m Alissa,
Originally from Denver, I moved down to Colorado Springs 5 years ago to create a life I envisioned for my family.  The past 10 years I have been working in finance, with the past 4 years working as a Mortgage Lender. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Brandy and, in 2022, she introduced me to Amy. I had been making grazing tables and charcutier boards for family and friends and by referrals. So, when the discussion of a new business started to form, I knew I was jumping in with both feet. I love the simplicity and complexity of making each board and tailoring them to each person’s tastes and, although we offer a limited menu option, we don’t downplay flavor. My favorite thing about catering is how amazing it is to watch a blank room turn into a space full of food, fun, and laughter.  Where you can most often find me is traveling with my family – no matter the destination, I’m all about life experiences and the stories that come from them. I’m so excited to help create your memories that will last a lifetime.

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